Meet the 2023 Display Team

The Virtual Roulettes Aerobatic Team formed in 2020, consists of the best and brightest from RAAF Virtual.

Each member of the team posesses a passion for precision aviation and a strong work and study ethic, practicing a number of days a week to perfect their craft. The Virtual Roulettes are the public facing brand of RAAF Virtual, providing flight simulation fans and followers with feats of precision aerobatics and formation flying using the latest technology available.

The team members for the 2023 season are a variety of RAAF Virtual long time members and new additions, chosen for their ability to work well together in a team, their excellent communication skills and of course, their flying abilities. Using a combination of high end hardware, Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and state of the art home computers along with Microsoft Flight Simulator, Virtual Roulettes aim to provide the very best digital experience to our fans.

Virtual Roulettes fly using the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform using a bespoke simulation of the Pilatus PC-21 designed for the teams unique requirements.

The Aircraft

The Virtual Roulettes make use of a custom PC-21 model for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The product we fly is an in-house modified version of the IRIS Simulations product for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, and has been brought up to date by our engineering team to use the latest technological improvements that Microsoft Flight Simulator has to offer.

Our excellent in-house engineering team continues to produce and modify simulation products for RAAF Virtual needs, including bespoke scenery, effects and aircraft.

To continue the support of RAAF Virtual and foster an enjoyment in roleplay of Air Force aircrew, RAAF Virtual are providing users of the IRIS Airforce Series - Pilatus PC-21 product with the textureset used by our members.

Additionally, if you don't have the IRIS Airforce Series - Pilatus PC-21 product, but still want to watch one of the many Virtual Roulettes Displays, you can download an AI version of the aircraft HERE.

The detailed texture set at 8K resolution has been designed to provide a showstopping look at the PC-21 in RAAF colours for both the Payware IRIS Airforce Series - Pilatus PC-21 or the IRIS PC-21 AI model and can be found HERE. To install the content, simply unzip the archive into your Community Folder where the IRIS PC-21 is installed.

We hope this texture pack provides an interesting view into RAAF Virtual, and if you feel an interest in joining, please don't hesitate to apply via the link at the top!

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