RAAF Virtual Bases

RAAFv Active Bases

RAAFv active bases are the heart and souls of RAAFv vSquadrons.


RAAFv Base Amberley, QLD

HQ : vAir Mobility Group
Location : 40km South West of Brisbane, QLD
vSquadrons : v33SQN, v35SQN, v36SQN

RAAFv Base Amberley is the largest operational base in the RAAF with plans to make it a 'superbase'. It is currently home to No. 1 Squadron (F/A-18F Super Hornet), No. 6 Squadron (EA-18G Growler), No. 33 Squadron (KC-30A), No. 35 Squadron (C-27J Spartan) and No. 36 Squadron (C-17 Globemaster III), as well as 9th Force Support Battalion (Army).


RAAFv Base East Sale

HQ : vAir Force Training Group
Location : 220km South East of Melbourne, VIC
vSquadrons : vEFTS, v1FTS, v2FTS, v32SQN

The heart of RAAFv! RAAFv Base East Sale is the training home for RAAFv, from the DA40, PC21 and B350i. With a 50nm radius training area surrounding Sale and under the nose of Melbourne Center you'll learn all the necessary VFR and IFR procedures for VATSIM. From Sale being the right of passage you will then branch out to all our other virtual bases around Australia.


RAAFv Base Edinburgh

Location : 25km North of Adelaide
vSquadrons : v11SQN

RAAFv Edinburgh is the gateway to the vast Southern Ocean and desert training ranges. Home to Maritime surveillance and strike platforms and flight testing and development for RAAFv.


vDefence Establishment Fairbairn

Location : Canberra, ACT
vSquadrons : v34SQN

vDefence Establishment Fairbairn is home of RAAFv's VIP squadron, v34SQN operating both BBJs and Falcon FA7X. Situated within the heart of Australia's capital city, Canberra.


RAAFv Base Pearce

Location : 35km North of Perth
vSquadrons : v2FTS (Detatchment), v79SQN

RAAFv Base Pearce is home to the v79SQN, a Hawk-127 Lead-In-Fighter that prepares virtual aviators for the JSF and Super Hornet. Pearce also houses a small v2FTS (PC21) detatchment.


RAAFv Base Richmond

Location : 50km North West of Sydney
vSquadron : v37SQN

RAAFv Base Richmond is located at the foot of the Blue Mountains, near Sydney. It is best known for being home to the C-130J Hercules medium transport aircraft.


RAAFv Base Tindal

Location : 15km South of Katherine
vSquadron : v75SQN

Welcome to the Outback! RAAFv Base Tindal is located 300kms south of Darwin surrounded by gorgeous red earth and croc invested waters! Home to v75SQN, the F35A provides Australia's northern airborne defence.


RAAFv Base Williamtown

HQ : vSurveillance & Response Group
Location : 30km North of Newcastle
vSquadrons : v2OCU, v2SQN, v3SQN, v4SQN, v76SQN, v77SQN

RAAFv Base Williamtown is home to the operational elements of vAir Combat Group’s (vACG) tactical fighter force components operating F-35A Joint Strike Fighter, Hawk 127 and PC-21 aircraft.
In addition the base is home to vSurveillance and Response Group’s (vSRG) E-7A Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) aircraft.

RAAFv Dry Bases

Dry Base do not have any active flying vSQNs perminantly position at the location. With help of vAir Mobility Group these dry bases can be stood up to fully functional detatchments locations.


1. RAAFv Base Curtin, Western Australia

2. RAAFv Base Darwin, Northern Territory

3. RAAFv Base Learmonth, Northern Territory

4. RAAFv Base Point Cook, Victoria

5. RAAFv Base Point Scherger, Queensland

6. RAAFv Base Townsville, Queensland

7. RAAFv Base Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

8. RAAFv Base Woomera, South Australia