Meet the 2021 Display Team

The Virtual Roulettes Aerobatic Team formed in 2020, consists of the best and brightest from RAAF Virtual.

Each member of the team posesses a passion for precision aviation and a strong work and study ethic, practicing a number of days a week to perfect their craft. The Virtual Roulettes are the public facing brand of RAAF Virtual, providing flight simulation fans and followers with feats of precision aerobatics and formation flying using the latest technology available.

The team members for the 2021 season are a variety of RAAF Virtual long time members and new additions, chosen for their ability to work well together in a team, their excellent communication skills and of course, their flying abilities. Using a combination of high end hardware, Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and state of the art home computers along with Microsoft Flight Simulator, Virtual Roulettes aim to provide the very best digital experience to our fans.

Virtual Roulettes fly using the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform using a bespoke simulation of the Pilatus PC-21 based on the IRIS Simulation's 21-Driver product for Microsoft Flight Simulator X


vRoulette 1

- David Love-Brice -

Originally from the UK, though now located in Sale, Victoria, David Love-Brice takes the helm of vRoulette 1 in the 2021 season.

David is a long time RAAF Virtual member, flight simulation enthusiast and software developer with a passion for education and engineering and spends most weekends flying RC aircraft when not tied to the desk administrating RAAF Virtual!


vRoulette 2

- Alex Reynolds -

From Brisbane in QLD, Alex is a long time flightsimmer and has a background in development of VR and training applications.

As a new addition to the team and the RAAF Virtual family, Alex takes up the number 2 slot in the 2021 season.


vRoulette 3

- Nick Kranenburg -

Nick Kranenburg brings a wealth of experience as a 737 pilot and experienced formation pilot to the team for the 2021 season. A passionate individual who works well within the team, Nick's leadership experience will no doubt serve the team well.


vRoulette 4

- Keith Hayles -

From country Victoria, Keith Hayles brings a large amount of knowledge from years of piloting aircraft.

Nicknamed 'Grumpy' due to his pleasant demeanor, and always eager to spin a tale of his exploits to the team during a debrief, Keith is a valued and well liked member of the vRoulettes.


vRoulette 5

- Nicholas Martinesi / Josh Fourez -

Nicholas and Josh share the spotlight in the R5 spot due to very busy work schedules, allowing Virtual Roulettes the best opportunity to field a full team.


vRoulette 6

- Eli Reid -

From the Victorian/New South Wales border, joining RAAF Virtual in late 2019, Eli Reid stands amongst the newest members of the team for the 2021 season.

With close to a decade of flight simulation experience and a passion for flying, Eli brings proficiency and professionalism to the team, all while enjoying a good laugh with the RAAF Virtual crew.

Eli is ever eager to expand his knowledge and support the team.

"Set your goals high, and don't stop once your there"


vRoulette 7

- Peter Benson -

Pete Benson is a long time RAAF Virtual member who spends most of his time in RAAF Virtual engineering scenery improvements and flying the P-8 Poseidon in Prepar3D. As a confident enthuasiastic individual, Pete is a great pick for the R7 role within the 2021 Virtual Roulettes season.

The Aircraft

The Virtual Roulettes make use of a custom PC-21 model for Microsoft Flight Simulator with exclusive use privelages from IRIS Simulations. The product we fly is an in-house modified version of the IRIS Simulations 21-Driver product for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, and has been brought up to date by our engineering team to use the latest technological improvements that Microsoft Flight Simulator has to offer.

Our excellent in-house engineering team continues to produce and modify simulation products for RAAF Virtual needs, including bespoke scenery, effects and aircraft. Sadly, we are not able to provide any of our content outside RAAF Virtual without express written consent from the Intellectual Property owners.

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