What is VATSIM and the VSOA?


All RAAF Virtual applicants are required to have a VATSIM membership, which is free to join.

VATSIM is the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation network, connecting people from around the world flying online or acting as Virtual Air Traffic Controllers.

This completely free network allows aviation enthusiasts the ultimate as-real-as-it-gets experience. Air Traffic Control (ATC) is available in VATSIM communities throughout the world, operating as close as possible to the real-life procedures and utilising real-life weather, airport and route data.

On VATSIM you can join people on the other side of the planet to fly and control, with nothing more than a home computer.

Whether you're new or an experienced flight simmer, VATSIM looks forward to welcoming you to the community and a fantastic hobby. If you wish to join VATSIM, the process is quick and simple. If you wish to know more you can read about the VATSIM network, or have a look at our community forums. As VATSIM is a global flight simulation network, our Region and Divisions around the world have many more websites, resources and community links that you may be interested in.

To join VATSIM, click here.

VATSIM Special Operations Administration

The VATSIM Special Operations Administration (VSOA) has been established for members of VATSIM wishing to realistically pursue interests in Virtual Airlines, Military, and Paramilitary Organizations.

Incorporating VSOA within VATSIM provides the framework for regulation and control of all such events and activities so that these can be properly conducted under VSOA to ensure minimal negative impact to other users of the VATSIM network.

VSO organizations are permitted to engage in the following activities deemed as 'special operations':

  • Conducting joint training exercises with other approved VSO organizations.
  • War games.
  • Air to air refueling.
  • Carrier operations.
  • Flying low level military training routes.
  • Flying escort missions.
  • Executing air combat maneuvers.
  • Interception/scramble of other aircraft.
  • Having access to special use airspace.
  • Search & Rescue and Fire Fighting.

VATSIM does not allow civilian airlines or pilots who do not belong to a VSO organization to perform the above operations. Any pilot wishing to take part in the aforementioned are required to join a VSO organization and complete the required training.