Your Virtual Career

Getting your Wings!

Whether you see yourself pulling G's in the F-35 Lighting II, transporting aid and supplies in a C-17 Globemaster II, or teaching others at the Academy at vRAAF Base East Sale, home of the Virtual Roulettes, all RAAF Virtual aircrew start by earning their wings!

We provide the training you need as part of your virtual career with RAAF Virtual. Let's take a look at how you go about the first part of your journey!


Airframe: Legs & Arms

vOfficer Training School

All new members of RAAF Virtual get granted the rank of vOfficer Cadet (vOFFCDT) on acceptance and are required to complete the self-paced Initial vOfficer Training (IvOT).

The IvOT course provides new members with information on the history of RAAF Virtual, VATSIM and the VATSIM Special Operations Administration (VSOA), various policy directives and information on the software and programs RAAF Virtual aircrew are expected to use during activities.

On completion, all RAAF Virtual aircrew complete an online declaration as required from VATSIM to begin their flying training with us.


Airframe: Diamond DA-40 NG

Elementary Flying Training

While not part of the actual RAAF training pathway, the Elementary Flying Training Course (EFTC) was added into the training curriculum in mid-2021 as part of a revision of RAAF Virtual training.

Undertaken at RAAFv Base Point Cook, EFTC allows instructors to provide a good grounding on military fundamentals in the Diamond DA-40 NG aircraft, such as Day VFR, Night VFR, Navigation and Formation fundamentals to all new aircrew.

At the conclusion of the EFTC course, aircrew are trained to a VATSIM P1 standard.


Airframe: Pilatus PC-21

No 1 Flying Training School

On completion of EFTC, aircrew are posted to RAAFv Base East Sale to undertake Basic Flying Training on the PC-21 airframe.

Much faster and agile than the Diamond DA-40 NG, aircrew will build on the fundamentals learned in ETFC in a more active environment on the turboprop powered PC-21.

During this course, aircrew will continue to learn Day and Night VFR flying and Navigation, with the added challenges of IFR flying and more advanced military techniques.


Airframe: Pilatus PC-21

No 2 Flying Training School

In the final part of earning your RAAF Virtual Wings, aircrew move to RAAFv Base Pearce near Perth in Western Australia to train advanced techniques of military flying. Now firmly established on the PC-21, aircrew learn high and low level navigation, aerobatics and formation flying.

Upon completion of 2FTS, aircrew are awarded their wings, are trained to the VATSIM P2 standard and move onto their next element of training, be it fast jets in the Hawk or Multi-crew in the Kingair.

From here, the sky is no limit!