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What is RAAF Virtual?

RAAF Virtual is a flight simulation enthusiast group comprised of participants from Australia & around the world!

Using home entertainment simulation products such as Microsoft Flight Simulator & Prepar3d, we fly simulated flight operations in Australia and around the world, striving to mirror our real world counterparts while paying homage to the men and women who serve with the Royal Australian Air Force.

Now in our 22nd year of operations, RAAF Virtual continues to undertake a variety of military themed activities on the VATSIM Network as a VATSIM Special Operations Partner using custom scenery, aircraft and software.

With a wide demographic of members, both in age and background, we continually strive for realistic, educational & achievable activities on a day to day basis with the purpose of fostering teamwork, a passion for aviation, and the military through the use of technology.

Through our in-house engineering team, RAAF Virtual is able to provide a fleet of simulation aircraft and scenery for the latest flight simulation software to our membership free of charge.

Additionally we are committed to practical application of new technologies to achieve greater realism than ever before and continue to seek enthusiastic individuals to help lead us into the future.

If you have any enquiries regarding RAAF Virtual, please feel free to contact us at hq.raafvirtual@gmail.com or via our Facebook Page.

If you find yourself here by mistake and are instead looking for the Royal Australian Air Force website, please visit https://www.airforce.gov.au/