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About RAAF Virtual

RAAF Virtual is a volunteer run group comprised of civilian, active duty, and overseas (worldwide) participants. We fly simulated flight operations in Australia and around the world. This organisation mirrors our real world counterpart, and pays homage to the men and women who serve with the Australian Defence Force.

RAAF Virtual undertakes a variety of missions on the VATSIM network including Tactical and Strategic Strike, Air Superiority, Airborne Early Warning & Control, Maritime Patrol and Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Flight Test and Evaluation, Special Operations, Humanitarian airlift and other substantial core and support missions.

We continually strive for realistic, educational yet fun operations on a day to day basis. RAAF Virtual operates a modern fleet of aircraft. RAAF Virtual is committed to fleet modernization, the test, evaluation, and practical application of new technologies to achieve greater realism than ever before. We continue to seek quality team members to help lead us through our growing role in the VATSIM Special Operations community.