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A virtual military organisation serving Australia and the South Pacific

What we do

RAAF Virtual is a volunteer run group comprised of civilian, active duty, and overseas (worldwide) participants. We fly flight operations in Australia, New Zealand and all over the world. This organisation mirrors our real world counterpart, and pays homage to the men and women who serve with the Australian Defence Force.

RAAFvirtual undertakes a variety of missions on the VATSIM network including Tactical and Strategic Strike, Air Superiority, Airborne Early Warning & Control, Maritime Patrol and Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Flight Test and Evaluation, Special Operations, Humanitarian airlift and other substantial core and support missions.

We continually strive for realistic, educational yet fun operations on a day to day basis. RAAFvirtual operates a modern fleet of aircraft. RAAFvirtual is committed to fleet modernization, the test, evaluation, and practical application of new technologies to achieve greater realism than ever before. We continue to seek quality team members to help lead us through our growing role in the VATSIM Special Operations community.


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Fast Jet Stream

Do you like flying fast military jets within a realistic environment? Then the Fast Jet stream may be the path for you. We offer a large range of courses in the F/A-18 Hornets and soon F35's!

  • F/A-18 A/B Classic Hornets
  • F/A-18 F Super Hornet/Super Growler
  • F35 Lightning
  • BAE Systems Hawk 127

Heavy Stream

Does the cargo, tactical or Long transport stream of the RAAF interest you? The Heavy Stream may be the way for you! We offer courses in various aircraft which are used for these purposes in the real RAAF!

  • Boeing C17 Globemaster III
  • Boeing B737 Fleet (Wedgetail/BBJ/P8A)
  • Airbus KC30 MRTT
  • Many others!

Fly with us today to experience the best training offered in the virtual world of military simulation!

Expression of Interest

We are willing to accept all applicants 16 Years and over whom are located in a timezone that can participate with our group (Australian Timezones are +10 - +13UTC) and depending on circumstances we can be flexable on even that requirement.

Before registering with RAAFvirtual, please consider the following questions and statements:

Why do you want to join RAAFvirtual?
Am I registered on VATSIM?
Do I have my own copy of P3D? Can my computer system run it adequately?
The following equipment is absolutely essential for online flight operations do I have it?
Flight Control Systems (Joystick etc);
Stable and fast Internet Connection (ADSL or faster)
Am I willing to put in the time and effort for this? (At least 1 hr every 30 days)
Are you willing/prepared to install third party software that runs alongside Prepar3D? as RAAF Virtual uses a custom windows application for the filing of our pilot reports and other systems called S.C.I (Simulation Control Interface) ATOMS 2.0. You may also be required to purchase payware aircraft for some airframe types. Please note that RAAFvirtual is NOT responsible for any harm that third party software may cause to computers and that technical support for third party products should be sought directly from the authors. RAAFvirtual does not provide extensive technical support for third party software packages whatsoever other than SCI/ATOMS.
SCI/ATOMS (Supplied by us), FSInn or Vpilot and Teamspeak Client is compulsory third party software and must be installed and working correctly.
Am I willing to follow the Code Of Conduct?. Please read this before submitting your application

If your still interested in becoming a member then: CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THE REGISTRATION FORM.

Fly with us today to experience the best training offered in the virtual world of military simulation!

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For any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us!

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